How can I help


There are so many ways that you can help! It’s really as easy as following the ABC’s…

A – Donation of any dollar amount, we are wide open to a donation of any value!
B – Donation of the cost of one backpack ($175.00)
C –
Volunteer your time — There are so many volunteer opportunities!

Here is the great thing about volunteering for us you can choose what’s best for you! You can pick your involvement based on the amount of time that you have to give and the jobs that you would like to do!

1. Fundraising – There are so many ways that you can do this… something just from you or maybe an event or a challenge at work? Who knows, be creative and have fun!

2. Shopping –
Join us at the orientation meeting and receive a shopping list for  the child you will be shopping for and then go and shop… we all love to shop especially when it is for someone else.

3. Quality Control –
Double checking contents against our lists and the backpacks to ensure that all items are included in the
correct sizing

4. Delivering the completed backpacks –
Backpacks are delivered with a partner to children’s homes; we can match you up with someone or bring a friend!

* Orientation night is a must for everyone. It’s our opportunity to share what is new and for you to learn more about the above activities!

Help us make a difference!

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