If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for shopping, please contact our volunteer coordinator prior to the orientation night!

Location: Calvin Presbyterian Church – 401 1st Ave West.  

This is a MUST for both new and returning volunteers. It’s a great opportunity to hear about our program, changes and news. On this night you will also pick up the shopping sheet(s) for each of the children that you are shopping for. * Remember to fill out and bring your volunteer form!

Time: As we are celebrating our 20 year anniversary, this session will be a little bit longer than normal as we are happy to be welcoming our founding members who will speak to our volunteers and community members! Please approximate for 1-2 Hours

SHOPPING – All shopping must be completed prior to “Drop-off Night”. * Please double check your list before bringing your backpack to be checked. Time: depends upon how many children you are shopping for.

DROP OFF NIGHT – Tuesday July 23,  Location and Time TBD You have completed your shopping for your selected child: now it is time to drop off the items, have your purchases confirmed and your reimbursement issued. * Remember to bring your receipts! Time: approximately 1 hour.

QUALITY CONTROL NIGHT – Tuesday August 6, Location and Time TBD This is the evening that we check and double check.It’s so important to make sure that all of our children’s backpacks contents are the correct sizes and contents complete. Time: approximately 2.5 hours.  

DELIVERY NIGHT – Tuesday August 27, Location and Time TBD  All deliveries are made in pairs. The smiles you receive in return will make it worth your while.  Time: approximately up to 3 hrs maximum.